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Why it Matters – The Impact

When you choose to recycle your scrap tires, or use recycled tires in projects and materials, you are choosing to help preserve Colorado’s beautiful environment. Recycling tires significantly reduces the amount of waste placed in landfills every year. Products made from tire shreds and bales are also cleaner and more efficient substitutes for traditional products in a variety of contexts.

In 2003, the State of Colorado generated over 4 million waste tires, and there are currently over 30 million waste tires in inventory in the state, as reported by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). Recycling scrap tires can keep millions of tires out of state landfills every year. Because tire shreds are a lightweight material, they also cost much less to transport, and result in fewer vehicle emissions, than a comparable amount of traditional materials.

In construction, the use of tire shreds costs dramatically less than conventional materials. With their high insulation value, tire shreds make for a more durable roadway and less road maintenance. The use of tire shreds in septic systems, highway construction, rail lines, backfill applications, and foundation drainage systems, to name a few, results in increased efficiency of both the system itself and its installation. Not only do tire shreds cost less than traditional materials, but they work better too!

Scrap tires are also being used to make alternative fuels. Tire-derived fuel (TDF) made from tire shreds is a great alternative fuel because of lower cost and emissions, and higher BTU value. TDF contains 13,000-15,000 BTUs per pound compared to 8,000-11,000 BTUs per pound of coal. Tire shreds typically cost less than coal because they are locally produced and cost less to transport. Tire shreds are also a much cleaner burning fuel than coal. As traditional energy costs soar in price, TDF is being considered more and more for a number of applications, such as cement kilns, pulp and paper boilers, and public utilities.

The convenience of using tire shreds in engineering applications continues to increase in popularity, and the positive environmental impact of recycling scrap tires is far-reaching. Whether you would like to recycle scrap tires or purchase tire shreds, Front Range Tire Recycle, Inc is here to serve you, your family, your business, and the environment.

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